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Cold Appetizers
Hot Appetizers
Main Course
    • Salads

    • Akrogiali Salad

      (mixed green salad ,refresing dressing with mayo and lime zest ,moustard ,spici siratsa)

    • Beetroots Salad

      (with garlic, olive oil and vinegar,parsley)

    • Boiled salad

      (zuchinni,potatoes,carrot,bettrot,olive oil)

    • Greek salad with local cheese

      (Onion,tomatoes ,cucumber,olives,capers ,green pepers, local goat cheese ksino)

    • Pligouri salad with shrimp

      (pligouri, shallots, green onion, tomatoes, olive oil dressing)

    • Cold Appetizers

    • Anchovies marinated

    • Dolmades

      (Bay leaves stuffed with rise and local herbes)

    • Eggplant Salad

      (eggplant ,garlic,vinaigar,olive oil)

    • Fava

      (fava,onions,capers,olive oil)

    • Octopus cooked with vinegar, garlic

    • Taramosalata

      (fish roe salad,olive oil,onions )

    • Tzatziki

      (yogurt,cucmber,garlic,olive oil,vinaigre)

    • Hot Appetizers

    • French Fries

    • Fried Anchovies

    • Fried Cheesse

    • Fried Squid

    • Fried Zuchini balls

    • Octopus grilled

    • Sardines grilled

    • Shrimps Grilled

      (6 pieces)

    • Shrimps Saganaki

      (Shrimps, Sauce Tomatoes,local chesse ksino)

    • Small Shrimps Fried

    • Main Course

    • Cycladic

      (Zuchinni ,chesse skotyri,capers, sauce tomato)

    • Freshly baked Moussaka upon order

    • Fried Cod served with skordalia and beetroot salad

    • Grilled fillet with French fries

    • Grilled Shortfin Squid grilled stuffed with local cheese, peppers , tomato Served with coulis pumpkin with lemon

    • Grilled Shortfin Squid with lemon olive sauce

    • Linguine with Shrimps

      (Shrimps ,sauce tomatoes ,parsley)

    • Pork steak with potatoes

    • Desserts

    • Lemon Curd

    • Orange sweet pie

    • Watermelon ,melon for 2 personnes

    • Yogurt with Honey

    • Other

    • Bread basket per person

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